The H-Y Tech safety philosophy is summarized in 7 core beliefs:


1.  We believe that all incidents and injuries can be prevented and that SAFETY is a value that we, as H-Y Tech employees, cannot live without.


2.  We believe a responsibility of H-Y Tech management, superintendents, and foreman is to prevent personal injuries in order to maintain an incident and injury free environment.


3.  We believe that it is reasonably possible to safeguard against all operational exposures which may result in incidents or injuries.


4.  We believe prevention of incidents and injuries is good business, from the standpoint of effectiveness, efficiency, and economy.


5.  We believe that it is necessary to train and empower all employees to work safely and to understand that it is not only their definite responsibility but is to their advantage, as well as the company’s, to work safely.


6.  We believe each employee is responsible for their own individual safety along with the safety of all team members. Each employee is empowered by H-Y Tech to refuse any work which they believe to be unsafe and also to stop any work activity if an unsafe condition exists.


7.  We hold that all subcontractors are contractually obligated to abide to the H-Y Tech Safety Policy and to adhere to the H-Y Tech Safety Program. Further, references to H-Y Tech in this statement of policy shall be applicable in full to all subcontractors.


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